Plus Size Fashion - Dress With Style

By Andrea Dilea

Dressing up can be fun for all women, no matter what size they are. Large women who wear plus size clothes are no exception. They can dress up for a variety of occasions, including business, casual or formal ones. An excellent way to do this is to to accent a slacks, skirt or dress outfit with a color-coordinated jacket, cut to enhance a person's individual figure.

The cut of a jacket is the first thing that plus size women must consider. They should stay away from short, boxy jackets. Choosing a longer jacket that just skims the hips will give them a taller, slimmer look. It's also good to select a jacket with shoulder pads as they will add to the style of the jacket while helping to balance out the overall look.

Suits with straight lines are ideal for plus size women who have a straight "up and down" physique. For this type of figure, look for a long jacket that has sharp lapels that isn't too fitted in the waist. Plus sized women with a curvy physique will find a shorter jacket with rounded lines, curved lapel and fitted waist flattering for their body. A clinched jacket will accentuate and minimize the stomach.

When choosing a jacket, be sure that it falls in the proper spot on your body that is most flattering for you. For example, larger busted women will want to avoid jackets with pockets located on the bust line. Simple cut jackets with a tapered waist are the most flattering for this body type.

Women who are plus sized with a large bottom and small top will find that a jacket that just skims the hips will be the best looking. Stay away from jackets that end right at the hips as they will call attention to an area you are trying to hide, not emphasize.

It's important for plus size women to achieve a look of proportion. While a long jacket can make a 5'6" woman look taller, it can overpower a 4'11" woman and make her look even shorter. The following tips can help you find the right length plus size jacket for you.

When choosing the length of a jacket hem be aware that the hem should not be at the widest part of your body. As an alternative, go for longer or shorter. When you choose a longer jacket, be sure to choose a more narrow pant or skirt. Your jacket or skirt should be about two thirds of the length of your overall look. Long jackets over knee length skirts and shorther jackets over longer shirts have the most flattering effect.

Scarves are a great accessory to add a personal touch to a plus size jacket. Use a long scarf to elongate your figure. Scarves also draw attention to your face and are a fun way to add a little interest to your outfit.

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Best Known Designers In Italian Fashion

By Trishia Lopez

Fashion designers have brought about a storm in this glamour world with their commendably fabulous variety. Fashion designers often begin as assistant designers, pattern makers, pattern graders, or sketchers. Fashion Designers create clothes ranging from spectacular unique creations to the regular shop-bought clothes we wear every day. Fashion designers are involved in every phase of designing, showing, and producing all types of clothing, from bathing suits to evening gowns.


Others among the best-known and most exclusive names in Italian fashion design are Valentino (known for his famous "Rosso Valentino," which means "Red Valentino"), Gianfranco Ferrè(known for his boldly-cut, brightly-colored clothes), Giorgio Armani (known for subtle, masculine style for both men and women), and Gianni Versace (known for his beautifully-cut leatherwear), and Dolce & Gabbana (known for their classic-to-modern, edgy appeal). Many of us--at least those of us who can afford it-- have clothes in our closets stamped with these names. Even though the percentage of people buying these clothes may be very small, fashion designers still wield tremendous influence on what we wear and how we wear it. In fact, though we may not realize it, the clothes we wear--even things that are not "designer" clothes or particularly elegant--were nevertheless designed by someone.

Clothes are a way that people can create an image and a persona around themselves a true form of self-expression that carries into the everyday world. Ready-to-wear clothes are a cross between haute couture and mass market. The mass market caters for a wide range of customers, producing ready-to-wear clothes in large quantities and standard sizes. The smaller and the more specific the market, the more likely a company is to get the right look and feel to their clothes. If the firm has made a name for the clothes it already produces, this helps to sell the new line.

Many professional fashion designers start off by specializing in a particular area of fashion. Most fashion designers start out by applying for place on a course on fashion design. Depending on the size of the design firm and level of experience, fashion designers may have varying levels of involvement in different aspects of design and production. In large design firms, fashion designers often are the lead designers who are responsible for creating the designs, choosing the colors and fabrics, and overseeing technical designers who turn the designs into a final product. Other high-fashion designers sell their designs in their own retail stores or cater to specialty stores or high-fashion department stores. Some fashion designers specialize in costume design for performing arts, motion picture, and television productions.

The work of costume designers is similar to other fashion designers. Regardless of their work setting, all fashion designers occasionally work long hours to meet production deadlines or prepare for fashion shows. Men and women have tried to wear new things, different things, clothes that would impress people or frighten others.

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Fashion Trends and Styles - Cultured Pearls or Tote bags

By Uma Gupta

A single strand of classic cultured pearls is always in fashion. The Autumn/Winter fashion season is at its best. Each year, on fashion runways from New York to Paris, Milan, and Toyko, sterling silver is "new again" as designers interpret it in new and exciting ways.

Now non-celebrities may purchase the pin in sterling silver pin to demonstrate both their commitment to peace and their fashion sense. Think of Fall – Winter fashion trends as the darker, richer version of spring and summer trends: turquoise turns to teal, gauze becomes wool, camisoles become romantic blouses. Accessorize to suit your style and you are all set no matter what the fashion trends are.

In order to keep up with the latest trends in fashion, consider building your wardrobe around staple items that are sure to be in style regardless of the season. Sleeveless tops are the latest trend in sports fashion. Look around yourself and you will notice that most of the top athletes like Rafael Nadal and Carlos Moya adore them. Cloth purses are very casual fashion items, so colorful fabrics and whimsical patterns are the strongest trend.

Tote bags are the most casual fashion accessory of all, and perfect for the beach, for picnics, or for a little shopping. With one glance through a fashion magazine, the importance of sunglasses as a summer fashion accessory becomes very apparent. Bridget Allen has worked for many years in the fashion industry, at a senior level, and she has written an amazing, totally free fashionista minicourse that will thrill, entertain, and most importantly educate you about what you absolutely need to know about fashion.

Hairstyles fashion trends are all easy do’s and don’t require heavy makeup or jewelry. Sample a bit from each Fall – Winter fashion trend and mix it in a unique way, making it personal with jewelry, color and layering. Pearl jewelry with more designs is also a somewhat comeback in fashion trend.

At the fashion shows, bows and sashes adorn every conceivable place on a garment - top, bottom, front and back. About half of the people wearing color contact lenses don’t have any vision problems - for them color contacts are just fashion accessories. A good example of “definition” color contacts is Freshlook Dimensions by Ciba Vision.

They never seem to be out of fashion. Reflecting our country's growing sense of nostalgia for less-complicated times, fashion this spring will represent a "return to innocence". Many of today's youth enjoy making their own jewelry and spring break provides the perfect opportunity for them to showcase their work.

Belly rings and belly chains are available in many designs, but perhaps one of the best-selling designs for college students on spring break is one that features Greek society symbols. Flowers People at 1-800-FLORALS, third-generation retail and wholesale florists specialize in fresh flowers, custom floral designs, and nationwide flower delivery. Traditional red may dominate the Christmas season again this year, but watch out for a greater variety of fresh evergreens, berries, roes and accents.

We have given you a taste of the basic thats in and ‘happening’ this season. Trousers are around in many styles, including skinny ones carrying on from last season and high-waisted, pleat-fronted for the very slim. Layered looks provide one of the hottest trends with multiple strands from short to very long.

• Cropped pants – If you see pants that are too long to classify in the shorts category and too short to qualify as the regular long pants those are referred as cropped pants.

• Cuffed pants- Many of the cuffed pants are also cropped. Drawstrings pants or Nadal style Capri will complement your sweatshirt while going to the Gym and later in warming up.

A casual yet stylish sweatshirt will be perfect to help your body warming up. The perfect jacket is one of the most important elements of your wardrobe, and with so many shapes and fabrics available this fall, it would be a crime to choose just one.

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Top 10 Fashion and Style Tips For Women

By Kirsty Semple

1 – Know your body shape

Petite women should avoid chunky clothes and strong prints. Instead go for fitted shapes and soft fabrics, narrow belts subtle contrasts of colour and texture. Keep everything streamlined so as not to cut the body in half.

Busty women should wear eye-catching skirts (shorter if you are comfortable) and trousers, strong prints and colours or textures draw the eye away from the top half of the body. Wearing a single block of colour is thinning. Avoid eye-catching tops, instead wear long jackets that draw the eye down. Darker coloured tops which are loose fitting and waist hugging.

Pear shaped women should love vertical lines, V-necks and skirts with slits up the side. Straight of A-line skirts to just below the knee. Dark tights and shoes with colour or pattern in a blouse or top, tops should hang past the hips. Classic cuts on top in lighter colours draw the eye away from the hips. Accent the V-neck with a V or Y- shaped necklace.

Tall women should avoid tight clothes. Wear the right skirt length, too short or too long will be out of proportion. As with petite women keep everything streamlined, wear blouses over trousers so as not to shorten your top half.

Rectangular women should wear pattern. Feminine knit sweaters over skirts are great. Wear a round neckline and mirror it with a round necklace or scarf.

2 – Dress to suit your personality

Rock chick – accessorize and clash a little but keep it feminine.
Urban chic – take advantage of the wonderful high street fashion, stunning yet simple.
Sporty – Layer trendy casual clothes.
Arty – Taking the contemporary fashion and adding a dash of your own personality to spice things up.
Sexy – Sensual fabrics, curvy and delicious. A splash of colour and scent.
Retro chic – Great accessories, and a flare for those classic, all time looks.
Romantic – Classic cuts, tailoring and soft colours, lace, embroidery and pearls.

3 – The right accessories can make all the difference

- V and Y shaped necklaces draw the eye down
- Round necklaces fill the neckline
- Ultra long earrings elongate the neck
- A long, trailing belt elongates the legs
- The right hat can make an outfit
- Cocktail rings add fun and colour and a bit of sparkle to a casual outfit
- Scarves can be arty
- A matching jewellery set can bring an outfit together

4 – Wake up to make up

- Make your eyes sparkle with a contrasting eye shadow
- Open out the eye by highlighting down the middle of the lid
- Use black for a dramatic look
- Use grey for smoky eyes with a delicate pink lipstick
- Choose a red lipstick for a classic look but choose one close to your own natural colour for precision.
- When creating bold eyes, keep paler lips. When choosing red lipstick do paler eyes.
- Use the colour palettes made up by the manufactures instead of matching your own eye shadow tones. Blend the colours well.

5 – A bag for life

- For daywear a good sized leather bag in a classic style cut. This season gives you plenty of choice as to colour and texture.
- For evening wear the clutch bag is back or alternatively go for a shoulder bag with a chain strap.

6 – Keep everything in proportion

- petite people elongate themselves with a slim cut
- for slim hips wear straight leg trousers/skirts, avoid flared ankles.
- for curvy hips balance them out with an A-line skirt, not a bias cut
- to hide hips wear flared trousers and a classic cut top
- wear a blouse with a short skirt
- wear a trim jumper with a long skirt
- heels are always slimming
- wear the right jacket, length and bulk are important here

7 – Dress for the season

- in spring / summer wear the bronzer and shimmery make up
- for spring / summer wear lower cut and soft fabrics in bright colours
- in autumn / winter matte make up with slightly darker tones
- for autumn / winter wear natural colours and natural fabrics, knitwear, leather, cotton, linen

8 – Don’t mix styles

- less is more
- there are many trends this season don’t wear bold colours, metallics, animal print and retro glamour all at once.
- Pick one style per outfit and don’t go overboard, often one or two accessories will look fabulous with a simple outfit.

9 – Have fun with subtle changes

- have jewellery that you can mix and match each day
- change your parting
- wear a scarf as a belt
- wear basic clothes in unusual ways
- use a brooch on a ribbon as a chocker
- wear a long necklace or a scarf as a bracelet
- add cabochon beads to an old bag and use it again

10 – It all comes down to the basics

- a good pair of jeans go for comfort, there are lots of styles which are fashionable this year. It is important to try them on before you buy. If going for skinny jeans get stretchy ones. If you have curvy hips got for low boot cut jeans to show them off. If you need a little more room for thighs and calves go for a relaxed fit, or for the bum go for low waist, low pockets and balance things out with flared ankles. This season go for dark colours and textures.
- a leather jacket is an autumn/winter basic. Go for a good feminine cut, no need to look like a biker unless you choose that style.
- a classic suit if you don’t wear one to work is great for many occasions.
- a white blouse is versatile and feminine
- a proper coat again go for a feminine cut at a length that suits you.
- boots there are many refreshing changes to the classics this year
- evening dress think of the whole outfit before you buy and make sure you have shoes and jewellery to match, maybe get a versatile dress that can be dressed down for occasions too.
- high heels the shoes to dance the night away in
- appropriate bag barrel bag for overnight, clutch bag for evening, shoulder bag for day.
- Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the correct underwear. Start with a good foundation and the rest of the outfit will follow. Go and get yourself measured if you are not sure.

Discover which trends are hot this season here:

Fashion - Mode Of Expression

By Jesica Stratford

Fashion is a term that usually applies to a prevailing mode of expression, but quite often applies to a personal mode of expression that may or may not apply to all. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. Fashions are social phenomena common to many fields of human activity and thinking. Fashion design is the applied art dedicated to the design of clothing and lifestyle accessories created within the cultural and social influences of a specific time.


The rises and falls of fashions have been especially documented and examined in the following fields: Architecture, interior design, and landscape design Arts and crafts Body type, clothing or costume, cosmetics, grooming, hair style, and personal adornment Dance and music Forms of address, slang, and other forms of speech Economics and spending choices, as studied in behavioral finance Entertainment, games, hobbies, sports, and other pastimes Etiquette Management, management styles and ways of organizing Politics and media, especially the topics of conversation encouraged by the media Philosophy and spirituality (One might argue that religion is prone to fashions, although official religions tend to change so slowly that the term cultural shift is perhaps more appropriate than "fashion")Social networks and the diffusion of representations and practices Sociology and the meaning of clothing for identity-building Technology, such as the choice of programming techniques. The more general term "costume" has been relegated by many to only mean fancy dress or masquerade wear, while the term "fashion" means clothing generally, and the study of it. "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.


The more general term "costume" has been relegated by many to only mean fancy dress or masquerade wear, while the term "fashion" means clothing generally, and the study of it. A modern version of exotic clothing includes club wear. At this time in fashion history the division between haute couture and ready-to-wear was not sharply defined. Nonetheless, many ready-to-wear, and even mass market labels, claim to produce haute couture, when in fact, according to established standards, they do not. Ready-to-wear collections are usually presented by fashion houses each season during a period known as Fashion Week. Ready-to-wear One-of-a-kind fashion, This is where an item of clothing or fashion is specifically made for a person or persons or a one off piece of fashion to be sold in a shop or on the internet, a website that sells one of a kind fashion items can be found at [1], this is an online store specializing in one of a kind designer clothing and fashion.

Fashion design differs from costume design due to its core product having a built in obsolescence usually of one to two seasons. Fashion design is generally considered to have started in the 19th century with Charles Frederick Worth who was the first person to sew their label into the garments that they created. Fashion won't work its magic if you're not, writes Janice BreenBurns. Fashion per se equals faddism, and promoting more consumption.

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