Making Fashion Designing Speedy And Easy – Designing Software

By Gaurav Doshi

The fashion industry has come a long way and has grown into one of the largest industries in the world. On account of the growth of this industry, the use of technology in this field has increased. Fashion designing software is increasingly being used by fashion designers.

Fashion designing software greatly aids the work of a fashion designer and help in more effective performance. They help in saving a lot of a time, money and energy. These software packages help the designer in experimenting with a number of textures, colors and patterns for producing the perfect design. They provide a variety of sketch backgrounds, tools for designing and repeating patterns and texture mapping.

There are various fashion design software packages available in the market today, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw among others. Fashion designers have often been observed to use customized software according to their own individual requirements. They aid the designer right from the stage of designing to the production of apparel. Perfectly fitting garments can be created. The process of creating a design or a pattern as well as cutting has become easier with the help of software. Designs can be made faster and more accurately. There are a number of basic designs incorporated in the software, which the designer can make use of. The designers can make modifications in the basic designs and personalize them. Even 2D and 3D formats of a design can be created. These designs can be printed or sent to others through e-mail.

Such software helps the designer in creating a number of patterns and also in the repetition of patterns. They also help the designer in selecting the right texture for the garment. The designer can choose the right color for the garment from the various colors available and can even customize them. It helps in the easy management of production. The efficiency and productivity of the designer increases with the use of designing software.

The Fabric Drapery module in such software allows the designer to drape a design on a model by dragging and dropping the design on the model. Patterns can be created and applied on the design. The Image Repeat option allows the designer to repeat images, rotate them and perform overlays. The Weave Creation option helps in creating different textures using different warps and wefts in different colors. The Fabric Recoloring option allows the designer to change the color of the fabric used in the design and in customizing colors.

Basically, there are two types of software that a fashion designer can choose from – vector-based software or raster-based software. Vector images are also referred to as object-oriented drawings. Vector images provide greater resolution and quality as compared to raster images. These images can be resized without degrading the quality of the image. They are much smaller than raster images. Raster images are more realistic than vector images. They can be used to create a natural picture by providing a number of special effects. It is for the designer to decide whether to use vector-based software or raster-based software.

Fashion Design Games

By Jennifer Bailey

Fashion design games are now available. Here are some good picks.

Bratz fashion design game

Bratz, the popular funky dolls available on the market, allows little children to play dress up – but, of course, only with the dresses they have. The Bratz fashion game allows the user to dress up the dolls that make up the characters in the line of Bratz toys by combining different fashionable accessories and dresses with just a click of a mouse. So, if you know a child who loves Bratz dolls and fashion, this is the perfect game for them.

The Bratz fashion game is available in electronic form, as a board game, or as a makeover package. The electronic game can be played by a single player or by multiple users. During multiple games, players outdo each others’ Bratz outfits for a “dance off where they dress up their favorite Bratz dolls and let them contend with each other in dance competitions.


The series of SIMS always encourages creativity in dressing the user’s chosen character. At the start of every game, the user chooses the gender and then the character he/she thinks is most suitable. The game then provides options such as hair style, undershirt style that will fit well with the clothing, and even jacket choices. Shoes and pants are also available.

Kid Zone

Little designers can also start with a game called Kid Zone. In the paper doll section, these are printout paper dolls including the different outfits and accessories. This can be a good alternative if the child is too young to understand the computer or play the video game. There is even a Britney Spears section where players can dress up Britney in various outfits and apply different makeup to give her a unique look.

Fashion Designer, A Trend Setting Career

By Cindy Martin

When you take a look at what is up and coming when it comes to careers among the younger generation fashion designer seems to be a frequent choice. This comes from the freedom that younger generations have gained in being able to set what they want to wear. Because of this, setting trends instead of following them has become a norm.

The life of a fashion designer is also one that is full of excitement. You get the ability to meet famous people and if you are lucky, enough get the opportunity to have those people wear your designs. For those that do not want to be in the spot light there are other options available that will still give the opportunity to be a part of the fashion industry. These options are areas such as marketing, website design, the more practical areas of cutting, and sewing. A Fashion designer can create designs for any type of clothing where but many choose a particular market to focus on. For example, a designer may choose to focus on children or just men's clothing.

There are also fashion designers that work exclusively on things like purses, jewelry and other accessories. They start by drawing out their concept on paper. It may change several times before they are happy with it. Then if it is a clothing designer, they create the design on a larger piece of paper and use it to create a pattern. They don't use the final cloth for this but use what is called a rough cloth in order to work out any difficulties before taking the time and expense of doing it in a final cloth. A Fashion designer must have knowledge of things like weave, fabric, material, color, design, and knowing what customers want.

A designer must also be artistic and creative, because portfolios are based on sketches they need to be able to at least draw out the basics for their designs. Because the fashion industry is ever changing, doing research is a daily requirement for someone in the fashion industry they must be aware of changing trends and some of that they can obtain from marketing research. By taking a look at what people in their target market are buying a fashion designer can see where people are leaning when it comes to trends and respond accordingly.

Being a fashion designer is a worthwhile career but it is not just about the lay of a fabric or the type of fabric chosen. It is about knowing how colors, shapes, textures, and fabric types go together. It is about knowing what the industry is doing and what people are going to want to see. Being a fashion designer is also about being artistic, creative and innovative. It can be quite a challenge and the industry is highly competitive. There can also be more stress than in normal jobs because people are constantly four times a year demand to see something new.

Choosing The Fashion Accessory That Fits You

By Michelle Bery

When it comes to a beautiful outfit, nothing completes a look like a well-chosen fashion accessory. You may be wearing the perfect little black dress or the sleek and sophisticated pant suit but until you pair it with a fashion accessory it never quite becomes the full expression of which it is capable.

A fashion accessory can mean many different things to different people. For the shoe enthusiasts among us, no outfit is worth wearing without a stunning and complementary pair of shoes. There are certainly a bevy of beautiful shoes on the market today made by creative designers who know what looks good. But don’t be afraid to check out vintage stores where you could easily find a pair of classic shoes reflective of that period in history. Pairing the contemporary with the vintage is a great way to create drama and interest.

For others, a fashion accessory may mean a unique belt that goes with a great pair of jeans – taking the ordinary to the extraordinary; or a purse to offset elegant eveningwear. Ladies’ handbags are always popular vintage items, so you’ll be sure to find a number of beautiful bags in antique stores. Carrying a vintage bag to an elegant evening affair is a trend even seen on Hollywood’s red carpets.

However, when most people think of a fashion accessory they think of jewelry. Jewelry as a fashion accessory can complement any outfit and lend itself to casual clothing as well as eveningwear because of its versatility. Diamonds, crystal, silver, and gold – the jewelry that you choose will define your look; nothing changes the look of an outfit more. For this reason, jewelry is by far the most influential fashion accessory.

Finding the fashion accessory that complements a particular outfit depends largely on your personal style. That perfect fashion accessory may be waiting for you at your nearby mall or large retail store. But when looking for a unique fashion accessory it’s imperative that you think creatively.

Hit the local antique stores where you will find a nod to the vintage fashion accessory. Pair a modern pair of pants with a 1950s piece of jewelry or a contemporary evening dress with an elegant 1920s scarf. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the fashion accessory. With the addition of a few pieces you are able to infuse the outfit with your personal style and elevate your look to the next level.

Dressing Tips for 30-somethings You Must Know

By Bridget Allen

It has been said that 30 is the new 20 so pack away all those thoughts of stodgy, boring outfits and break out of your fashion rut! By far the most popular fashion icon of this decade is Carrie Bradshaw, the fantastic 30-something that took New York by storm in the popular HBO series, Sex in the City. Channel your inner Carrie and strive to be fabulous no matter what the occasion. Whether you are wearing a simple outfit to your yoga session or painting the town red with your best girl friends, showcase your body by wearing fantastic clothing that will shave off years in a few seconds!

The first thing a 30-something should do, regardless how fabulous her body may be, is to stop shopping in the junior’s section. Avoid clothing that is designed for the body of a middle schooler, lacking in any curves that your body most likely possesses. Show off your curves in clothing suitable for your body type instead of trying to squeeze into those perfectly juvenile jeans that form a straight line from the waist to the hip. Also, watch out for clothing that is too revealing or scandalous. Remember there is a thin line between sexy and skanky, so be sure to stay on your side of the line.

Now that you are shopping for grown up clothes, be adventurous and think outside of the fashion design box! Push the envelope and try on items that are generally not your style, but may look fabulous on you! If you are trying to get up enough courage to wear a fabulous top, pair it with a more subdued pant, jean, or skirt. Be sure to push your limits, but still stay within your overall comfort zone. Individuals who can wear their clothing comfortably will give off a thrilling and sexy vibe, regardless if they are wearing a hot and skimpy dress or your favorite pair of jeans and an old sweatshirt.

Although it may be tempting to wear super high stilettos all day long, you may want to start giving your feet a much needed rest. Stilettos and other high heels and wreck havoc on your feet, causing you a great deal of pain and suffering later on down the road. You should by no means give up your favorite pair of kicks, but just wear them wisely. Choose to wear your designer shoes on a limited basis to save your feet.

Bridget Allen has worked for many years in the fashion industry, at a senior level, and she has written an amazing totally free fashionista minicourse that will thrill, entertain, and most importantly educate you about what you absolutely need to know about fashion.

Calvin Klein - Calvin Klein's Success Story

By Evan Carmichael

Growing Up
Klein, born November 19, 1942, was taught by his mother to love fashion. He would often accompany her when she went shopping in New York City for affordable clothes. From an early age he knew he wanted to be a fashion designer, and taught himself how to sketch and sew.

Before he turned twenty, he graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. He married Jayne Centre and began working as an apprentice sketching European coat designs for his employer Dan Millstein to copy. Klein, however, disdained the idea that the normative American practice was to imitate European fashion and longed to start his own company. He believed that original fashion ideas could come out of the States and he was just the innovator to make it happen. But the realization of his dream seemed a long way away since he was struggling financially and was working part-time at his father's grocery store in order to make some extra money

Starting The Business
Calvin Klein Ltd. was formed in 1968. Klein took a $10,000 loan from a friend and used $2,000 of his own money to get it started. Rather than hunting out success, it stumbled upon him. His first order came from a coat-buyer for the large department store Bonwit Teller who got off the elevator on the wrong floor and saw Klein's work. The buyer was impressed and ordered $50,000 worth of coats. In addition, an editorial praising Klein's designs was written up in Vogue. Klein's reputation was quickly established.

Five years after starting Calvin Klein Ltd., Klein moved away from solely designing coats and offered women a less-expensive alternative to the ostentatious European fashions with sportswear that could be identified as having "The Calvin Klein Look". Men also were drawn to Klein's comfortable outfits and masculine designs.

He was recognized for his accomplishments by being awarded the Coty award by the fashion press in 1973, 1974, and 1975, and his wealth grew as the public continued to buy his subdued clothing. But success troubled his home life and Klein and Centre divorced in 1974. Klein embarked on a period of partying and irresponsibility. By now a prominent public figure, Klein could be found nightly at Studio 54, but his days of unconcerned ease ground to a halt in 1978 when his daughter Marci was kidnapped. Marci returned home safely, but the incident frightened Klein enough to turn away from the publicity he once so doggedly sought.

Building An Empire
It was through a titillating ad campaign in 1980, featuring a 15-year old Brook Shields in a pair of tight-fitting jeans and the line "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins," that pushed Calvin Klein Ltd. forward once more. This now much-emulated, sexually driven method of advertising was at once condemned by feminists, calling it pornographic. However, through this experience Klein learned that there is no such thing as bad press; in their first week, an astonishing 200,000 pairs of the tight-fitting Calvins were sold. In 1982, Klein was taken to court over an ad campaign featuring men wearing nothing but briefs embossed in the Calvin Klein name. Though some magazines refused to print the ads, the underwear sold incredibly well.

Due to the appearance of AIDS and the affect this had on the promiscuousness of the 1970s, the demand for the sexy, body-hugging jeans declined. The debt Klein had amassed by 1984 nearly toppled his fashion empire. Using $80 million in junk bonds, Klein refinanced the debt, leaving his company at great risk.

Klein married again in 1986. However, addicted to vodka and Valium around this time, Klein was admitted to a rehab centre in the Caribbean. By the time he got out, bankruptcy was imminent, but David Geffen, a friend from Klein's days partying at Studio 54, helped him out financially and gave him the chance to begin again.

Saved from ruin, Klein went immediately to work churning out a variety of products. The CK brand of more affordable designer clothing, and, like Richard Branson, licencing the Calvin Klein name to sunglasses and other fashion accessories pulled the fledgling Klein back out on top.
Again controversy around one of Klein's ad campaigns in 1995 prompted the FBI and Justice Department to investigate Klein for violating child pornography laws. Klein stopped the campaign, and eventually the Justice Department’s ruling came down in his favour.

With CK perfume and his CK jeans a success and money pouring in once again, Klein is undoubtedly the picture of a survivor who could have self-destructed, but because of a wealth of good ideas coupled with good fortune and diligence, he has become one of the world's foremost fashion designers.