Wave for New Fashion Designers

By Neil Bishop

Revolutionary clothing store Roof on Fire is set to change the way upcoming and existing independent fashion designers do business. Opening on Oxford Street, Paddington (Sydney, Australia) later this year, Roof on Fire represents independent fashion designers and entrepreneurs from Australia and around the world, giving them affordable retail space at low cost and low risk.

The store offers fashion designers retail spaces (known as boxes) to display their creations in exchange for a monthly fee and a 10% sales charge on each item sold. Fashion designers receive 90% of the funds from each sale while getting extensive exposure in a progressive store in a prime Sydney location. Box occupants are also exposed to opportunities that may arise including publicity, brand awareness and further offers to stock in other retail stores.

As each fashion designer makes a quarterly commitment to the store, the range will be ever changing, from the most daring and progressive creations that other store buyers may not have taken the risk on to designs that lead new season trends. ‘The store will house pieces from both previously unseen fashion designers and existing labels, providing an opportunity for bigger labels to break away from norms, experiment with new directions and test the market’ said Omar Varts, co-founder of Roof on Fire.

Roof on Fire is offering fashion designers more than just retail space. Box occupants will have access to a personalised, secure on-line database displaying generated sales and stock levels. It analyses the demand for their product and identifies what has been selling well, when to restock and calculates monthly profits. Fashion designers are also notified via email when their product is sold.

Roof on Fire’s layout is modelled on a minimalist style of interior design. Inspired by contemporary galleries including Saatchi Gallery London and MoMA New York, it provides the fashion designer with a classy and clean retail canvas, which will enhance designer’s individual pieces.

Located on Oxford Street, Paddington, Roof on Fire offers fashion designers an avenue to showcase their previously ‘hard to find’ collections on the most frequented fashion strip in Australia. Bringing unique and innovative designs to the public, the store will stock men’s and women’s clothing, accessories and footwear.

Interested designers visit http://www.roofonfire.com for more information.

Becoming A Fashion Designer

By Michelle Bery

When you dream as a child about what you want to be when you grow up, fashion designer ranks high on the list for many who envision a glamorous lifestyle and a chance to influence the way society dresses. Being a fashion designer certainly does come with its benefits; but it is also a career that requires a balance between creativity and skill.

We need only to turn on the television or flip the pages of a magazine to see how fashion influences our culture. The way we dress on a daily basis, the clothing we run to the stores to purchase, all depend on what’s popular on the runways. And what’s popular on the runways is created by fashion designers. A fashion designer creates a look and makes it happen. But what people don’t see, as models strut the runway wearing the latest designs, is the enormous amount of work and skill that it takes to get to that bright shining moment.

A fashion designer must not only be skilled in the manufacturing of clothing – including knowledge of textiles and expertise in sewing – but also in sketching and drawing their designs. The savvy fashion designer understands color and how to use it to capture the essence of their design.

Becoming a fashion designer means attending a reputable school that teaches design, sewing, textiles, and the like. It is imperative that you learn the fundamentals of design before you add your own creativity and flair. Even more important, however, is the working knowledge that you can gain working as an intern or apprentice in an established shop. Working alongside a fashion designer who can give you firsthand experiences and help you build your portfolio is incredibly important to becoming a fashion designer. It’s all about experience. So take all that you can from school but put your skills to use – everywhere and anywhere that you can. A strong portfolio that demonstrates your talent and desire to work in the industry will go a long way to helping you realize your dream of becoming a fashion designer.

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Fashion Design Schools

By Jennifer Bailey

Celebrities and famous personalities all clamor to be dressed and styled by the greatest and the best, thus giving way for new and younger designers. Narciso Rodriguez, Monique Lhullier, and Stella McCartney, just to name a few, are all young designers in demand today in the fashion industry.

Another young designer, Nikki Hilton, one of the heiresses to the Hilton hotels and already privileged and famous, opted to study first at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York in order to have a solid background in design. Soon this young designer whose love for bags started going places when other celebrities started appearing at movie premieres and awards shows with her creations. Fashion critics praised her works because of their clean lines and contemporary design.

Education combined with talent form a great building block to a solid design career.

Most fashion designers, in an effort to expand what they know, try to attend art school since courses offered in a fashion design school are also regarded as applied art, similar to interior and graphic design. These design schools offer a curriculum especially created to stimulate the creative and unique sides of their students. Programs usually are intended to challenge the students by incorporating the technical and theoretical elements in fashion design as well as the artistic and sensible approach to creating new and hip clothing.

Fashion design schools do not only groom students to create a great piece of clothing but also teach them the basics, such as correct body measurements, pattern making, clothes making, and even sewing. Some design schools also offer for the following positions: fashion merchandiser, fabrications and trim buyer, fashion illustrator, pattern grader, and textile artist.

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Online Fashion Design Schools

By Jennifer Bailey

Online fashion design schools meet the growing need of the people who do not have the time and resources to go for full time course, but still want to learn the nuances of fashion design. These schools provide all the information and knowledge to the students through their online course material. This lets the students familiarize themselves with all the skills and technicalities of fashion design from the convenience of their homes.

Though conducted from a distance, the online fashion design schools keep the students abreast of the latest trends in the realm of fashion design. So the knowledge imparted is practical.

The advantage of such schools is that no campus attendance is required. Hence, there are no deadlines or commuting hassles. The students can gain the knowledge at their own pace and according to their own grasping ability.

The examinations conducted are of the open book type and guarantee the student a diploma or degree that is nationally accredited. The online fashion design schools do not have specific enrollment dates. So the students can take up the course at their own convenience. They have the flexibility of completing the course according to their own schedule. Moreover, the content of the course is almost the same as what is offered by the regular schools and colleges. The tuition fees are without any interest rates, which renders the whole course affordable. This flexibility and affordability assured by the online fashion design schools makes it the one of the favorite options for national and international students.

The online fashion design schools offer different programs such as high school diplomas, career diplomas, associate and master?s degree. The degree or diploma offered can be earned anywhere and is recognized by the concerned industry. Thus, after completing the course, the students can jump-start their career in fashion design.

The enrollment for the course can be done online, by filling out the online application forms. The online catalog provides all the requisite information to the candidates.

Fashion Design provides detailed information on Fashion Design, Fashion Design Schools, Fashion Design Programs, Fashion Design Games and more. Fashion Design is affiliated with Fabric Hammocks.